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MuBuS RateFinder: Ever wonder how much you should be charging?
The MuBuS RateFinder takes you through a series of questions and then calculates your answers into a suggested hourly rate. Version 1.0 is available now and we would love your feedback.
Try it today!

The MuBuS RateFinder takes into account your:

  1. Education and teaching experience
2. Student Achievement
3. Studio Environment
4. Public Performance History
5. Ongoing Professional Development
6. Location and Market

Studio Tips: MuBuS will post a tip of the week from among its members. To have your tip considered for the Studio Tips section email us at:

Interview with a Master Teacher: Enjoy a monthly interview with a master teacher. Is there a master teacher you would like us to interview? Email your suggestions to:

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MuBuS Forum: What are good pieces to get a student motivated? At what age do you start a beginner? What is your makeup policy? Join the forum to read, answer and ask teaching questions with other MuBuS teachers. Browse through the Forum’s postings to hear what teachers are saying about their profession and teaching practices. With MuBuS Forum’s unique search capabilities you can search a specific topic without having to wade through hundreds of messages. Simply type in a subject and all postings pertaining to that subject will be at your fingertips!


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