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Survey Results

Past Survey Results: April 2002 Survey Results on Business Practices

Last month's survey asked teachers how they handled makeup lessons.

A special thanks to those who participated. Participate in this month's survey.

How do you give makeups?
(reschedule, makeup day or week, swap list)

Do you give makeups for student cancellations?
Do makeups affect your income?

Giving Makeups
Of the teachers that do give makeups, over 70% give makeups
by rescheduling the student's lesson.
Over 20% of teachers makeup lessons utilizing one of the alternatives to rescheduling the lesson.

Do Makeups affect income?
70% of responding teachers answered no, makeups do not affect income.
Interestingly, the majority of the time, it was these same teachers who offer makeups.
Conversely, the majority of teachers surveyed who do not offer makeups answered that yes,
makeups do affect income (see graph below).

Business Practices

How much time do you spend in non-music related activities each week per student?
(i.e. billing, tracking, coordinating, communicating activites etc.)

Do you bill by lesson, month, semester, or year?

5 minutes adds up!
A teacher using only 5 minutes per student per week on billing,
tracking, collections, coordination, and communication, over the course of a week
could save three hours with the implementation of a more effecient system.
(assuming 35 students)

Extra lessons!.
Giving students an additional 5 minutes per lesson by using the MuBuS calendaring
tool and ppp payment processing in effect gives the student an extra lesson every other month!
(assuming a 45 min. lesson).

How do you bill?
Students cannot learn how to play a musical instrument in a single lesson or even in a single month.
But, over the course of a season; 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, a musician can be developed.

If musical development over a period of time is a teacher's value proposition (what the teacher offers
their students), the manner in which a teacher charges a student should reflect this.
We can see in the graph that close to 40% of the teachers surveyed are billing
in increments longer than a month, even some by the year.

Billing for a longer season of time more accurately reflects what a music teacher offers (their value
propostition) and often results in greater student commitment and progress.


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